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42 USC § 1983
Civil Action For Deprivation Of Rights. U.S.C. Title 42 1983 Educational Courses.
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Want to know what to say to potentially stop a cop in his tracks? We back it up with Supreme Court Case Law.
Did you know...
Federal Law forbids any individual from requiring another individual to disclose his/her SS#? When they do and they always do,we show you how hold them accountable... learn how NOW

We are NOT anti government but rather anti corruption in government!

42 ACTION.ORG is about arming yourself with knowledge as it is the best protection of your freedoms which are the guiding light around the whole world. We can never give up the very freedoms our founding fathers intended us to have. We want law enforcement and the courts to serve and protect but unfortunately that isn't happening as much as it should. Many have become public terrorizers. Like gangs with pressed suits acting like thugs with a mob mentality.
As free American's it is our civic duty to help one another. The current criminal court system is not how Americans do business and a whole lot of Americans believe that the criminals should be held accountable for their actions. We do not believe our sons and daughters should be put in jeopardy.  
So we encourage you to educate yourself, become active, fight back, take your cameras out, it is your right, no matter what they'd have you believe! We must help ourselves and our fellow man.  
We at 42 Action do this without thoughts of glory or recognition. We are about protecting the freedoms of Americans around this great country.
We The People gotta stand up, these are our Bill of Rights! We must speak out and say we will not take this anymore, enough IS enough! Join now...it's free! Ask about our advocacy program. Learn how to stand strong and be your own Pro Se Litigant. Unregistered and unincorporated...we owe no one allegiance but victims of victimless crimes.

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